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Done is Better than Perfect

I have a perfectionism problem. I can overthink a cup of coffee if given spare time in the morning. This blog post could take me three days to post if I let it. Icantinker and reedit nd research something until it's lost whatever purpose it had I the first place. I can kill something before it's lived. But if I want to Brin g anything to life in this world, I've go to let it breathe.

A year ago, I made a decision to only take up things--new passions, or recreations-- that I know I couldn't perfect. Yoga was the first thing I tackled.

In yoga you're always a student. There is no mastering, because it relies on tuning into yourself in order to explore the practice. But you, as a person, are ever evolving. If you're always changing, then your practice is always changing. Plus, yoga is not a one skill type of exercise. It's an 8-limbed practice incorporating a physical, mental, environmental and spiritual aspects. Asana is just one part fit, the pranayama, the yamas and niyamas, pratyahara, and samadhi are all things we can serve for, and often never fully achieve.

Each day, no matter what I do, I'm putting more emphasis on being present, and being open to new knowledge, versus getting things done perfectly. I wouldn't get out this website or this blog post without the type of attitude. From being a mother to my daughter, to a friend to others, to a writer and artist working on projects, I find if I can just show up every day with an open mind and good intentions and just move forward step by step, eventual I can achieve what I want.

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