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Holiday Gift for You: A Yoga Coloring Book

If I've learned anything from yoga, it's to follow what feels good for you. I've always loved to draw, and ever since I was old enough to hold a pen I've always had art in my life. As an adult, I focused on my writing career and less on my drawing, but now, as a mother who wants art to be a part of her child's life, I've picked up my gel pens and markers once more.

Over the past year, I've been drawing these little characters in my notebooks; animals in various yoga poses. Frogs, reindeer, moose. I've shared them sporadically on social media, half afraid of what people may think of my work (is it funny enough? appealing enough? And would anyone care?) Over the summer, I made coloring sheets for my daughter, Quorra, of various fishes and sea creatures, and loved watching as she called out the animals she saw and colored with glee. Nothing feels better than watching your own child enjoy a piece of art you created.

As the holidays approached, I finally decided to collect some of my goofy friends in various yoga positions into a coloring book for Quorra as a stocking stuffer and a love note to my daughter. Then, I decided to make enough coloring books for my friends' kids to enjoy. I learned how to create coloring books on Amazon's self pubblishing platform, outlined the pages, and uploaded it to Amazon! And boom! Here we have my first coloring book: Reindeer Yoga.

This book is an amazing gift for the holidays for any kid who loves to color, or cartoons, or reindeer, or Santa, or yoga! They're also great for adults who love to smile or do yoga or watch their kids smile or do yoga! And if you have Amazon Prime, you'll have them in your mailbox in a day! Perfect for last minute gifts!

This is my first go at making these books, and it's far from perfect (oh, those line strokes need work!). But it's made with love, all by me, and it's fun and goofy and I hope makes people smile this holiday season.

Get your copy of Reindeer Yoga today! This is the first of many other illustrated products I'd like to produce, so watch this space and follow along as I create more for you and your family.

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