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Wanna Teach Yoga to Your Kids? Join Me for an Online Kids YTT In October!

I love teaching kids yoga. I really do. I love the creativity of coming up with new stories and adventures to teach in class. I love coming up with funny ways to introduce yoga concepts like sun salutations and mudras to kids. I love it so much that I want to teach other people to do it, too.

See, our kids need yoga more now than ever. They're stressed out and anxious as a result of this pandemic, of school closures, of uncertainty, of their friends and family members getting sick. Yoga can help them build resistance, keep calm and find space for play, creativity and joy in less than joyful times.

That's where you (and I) come in. We can teach our children mindfulness, asanas, meditation and all the fun things yoga has to offer in a way that kids will find appealing. In October, I along with the amazing Mindy Pistacchio will be leading Rise + Vibe's first kids yoga teacher training for teachers and parents who want to teach yoga to kids. This 40-hour program will last about 6 weeks and include anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology, sample classes, meditation and craft ideas for kids! After this program, you'll be ready to teach kids yoga at home, school or wherever kids are gathering these days.

Check out the Rise +Vibe online YTT page for more information on pricing, sample schedule and timing. I'm so excited to share what I've learned about teaching kids yoga with you and creating more yoga stories and adventures for our little ones. Namaste!

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